Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama Campaign Leaders are Liars!

The campaign has done all they can in White House press briefings etc., to distance themselves from the political PAC ad that has a former Steel Worker (Joe Soptic) from a Bain Company saying Mitt Romney participated in the death of his wife.

The ad from Priorities USA Action (an Obama Super Pac) clearly suggests that Mitt Romney is responsible for the death of Joe Soptics wife.

First of all the facts simply do not add up. The man was laid off from the steel mill when Bain closed the company. The employee’s wife, about five years later is diagnosed with inoperable cancer which doctors would have supposedly been able to prevent if she had not lost her health coverage. What they don’t share in the ad is that she actually had health insurance through her job, which also covered her family. She had health insurance the entire period of time and the cancer was simply diagnosed too late.

Don’t get me wrong – I am in no way suggesting that the loss of his wife and her tragic battle with cancer is no big deal. I like any other compassionate person; feel great sympathy. Those who have lost loved ones to cancer; should feel tremendous empathy.

The Point is this – how much of a dirty rotten guttersnipe does one have to be to prey on this man’s grief and then use him as a tool to immorally SLANDER Mitt Romney with a story that is full of lies?

White House Campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter actually shared conference calls with Joe Coptic, the former Bain subsidiary employee; learning his story. The recorded calls are a matter of public record. What we have here is clear involvement between a Campaign Staffer learning of a story that was used to create an ad by Priorities USA Obama Super PAC.

NEWS FLASH – coordination between an official political campaign and a political PAC is AGAINST THE LAW! This should be under a formal investigation.

Here are the facts we know so far:

1.       Priorities USA – the political PAC that produced the ad is run by former White House Staff Member Bill Burton.
2.       Stephanie Cutter an Obama Campaign staffer is revealed on a recorded conference call getting the story directly from Joe Coptic, the former steel worker.
3.       The story which is full of lies then shows up in a political PAC ad.
4.       Coordination between a PAC and officials within a Political Campaign or office of an elected official – is AGAINST THE LAW!

Here is the story on FOX.

Bill Burton the director of the PAC and former Obama White House staffer – actually defends the ad and intends to continue using it – Here are his comments just yesterday (Aug. 8).

Totally Lame!
This whole exercise is a deliberate attempt to get the nation distracted from the failures of the Obama record. The Romney Campaign should hold a national press conference exposing the lies and deception; call for an investigation of the Obama Campaign for violation of federal political campaign laws. THEN – quickly get back to talking about the issues that really matter; the economy, jobs, healthcare, national debt, religious freedom - you know - the things that really matter.

Obama is already disqualified due to his lack of leadership and experience. He continues to prove he is disqualified as he has completely failed as our President.

Furthermore he is disqualified because he is a manipulating, Chicago Style Politician who is an immoral liar.

Wake-up America! November 6 cannot come soon enough for me!

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