Friday, December 20, 2013

How to put this nicely to the perpetually sensitive Left?

When a Christian calls the behavior of a homosexual a sin, it makes the homosexual nothing special.  You see, in the Christian cosmology, we are all sinners.  Each of us has a spiritual rap sheet and only the particulars differ from one person to the next.  To Christians, therefore, homosexuals are just fellow human beings.

For a believer like Robertson, it's also a sin to think of himself as better, with fewer or lesser sins, than others.  When he calls the homosexual act a sin, he also believes that the homosexual is no worse a sinner - and quite possibly a better man - than he.  As a Christian, Robertson is a bearer of the good news that we are all equal in the eyes of a forgiving Lord.  So all you outraged lefties need to get over yourselves -- to sin is human, nothing more and nothing less.   

That gets us back to Robertson's suspension from Duck Dynasty. The GQ reporter who asked him to define sinful behavior was asking Robertson to express his faith.  The outrage is that when he spoke his faith, the Left tried to shut him up and put him in the back of the bus.  This kind of thing has got to stop.

While Phil Robertson's comments were less than articulate and certainly some called his anatomical description crude. No argument here.

I suggest that those of us who agree fundamentally with Robertson make clear that:

1) We are unashamed of our belief in Jesus and in biblical morality; 
2) We stand against the mistreatment of all people, including gays and lesbians; and
3) We will not support the radical redefinition of marriage, regardless of the cost involved, nor do we see cultural capitulation to gay activism as inevitable.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

America is at a Crisis Point!

America is at a crisis point. The ever-expanding size and reach of government combined with our precarious economy are major threats, but they are not the only threat. The largest threat that we face is the spiritual, cultural, and moral collapse of our nation.

Having just finished the Thanksgiving holiday, we remembered that the pilgrims left the decadence of their homeland behind to establish a Christian colony in the American wilderness and begin a nation that would be uniquely blessed by God. The “odds” were against them. 

Thankfully, they did not have pollsters back then urging them to give up!

If Americans continue to pray and stand for God’s truth - despite adversity, despite “the polls,” despite what many in our government and most of our media is pushing on us - will God abandon us? I don’t think so. My Bible is full of stories of people, small groups of people - what the Bible refers to as “a remnant” - who stood in the gap and prayed for their nation each and every time that a moral decline like this has arisen.

So many people around us are telling us that same-sex “marriage” across America is “inevitable.” Don’t believe it. They don’t have the truth.

Yes, America’s moral decline is more evident in the changing attitudes towards marriage. Cohabitation instead of, and prior to, marriage has become widely accepted. Divorce is now totally rampant across our nation. Broken families, broken homes and nearly half of our citizens being born to single mothers. This is a recipe for total moral and economic collapse. With marriages needing all the help they can get, same-sex “marriage” threatens to be the final straw!

If we look at other countries that have legalized same-sex marriage, we see that natural marriages suffer because marriage as an institution just isn’t taken seriously. America has wisely rejected this downgrading of marriage and family as a national policy through the vast majority of our history.

A mere decade ago same-sex marriage was nonexistent and was a radical idea in our nation. Today people are pushing it to become mainstream. Homosexual couples are portrayed with open admiration by Hollywood, television shows and academia. The media has become outright advocates for the homosexual lifestyle. And now, for the first time in our history, so has our President!

While he should be focusing on federal debt, the economy, foreign policy, his collapsing healthcare policy - he is instead opted to use his office, a position held by moral giants like George Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan - to destroy the long-standing cultural and biblical definition of our most important social institution - marriage.

Since the United States Supreme Court overturned section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in June, President Obama is misusing that decision to assault natural marriage across our country.

From the IRS to the Department of Defense, government agencies are now invoking interpretations of the Supreme Court decision the justices never intended - to recognize federal benefits for same-sex marriages even in states that hold a natural definition of marriage.

For example, now the IRS extends tax benefits to same-sex couples and says that same-sex partners of military personnel are entitled to marital benefits from the US military. That is absolutely not what the Supreme Court said to do!

This also has implications on what is been a long-standing legal understanding of states-rights. In a centralized federal government power grab – under Obama the Department of Labor is attempting to preempt the marriage laws of 37 states and launch federal same-sex benefits nationwide. Under the Department of Labor plan, homosexual and lesbian partners would be considered “spouses” for the purposes of pensions, 401(k)s, health plans, and other benefits under federal laws governing such plans. Again, that is not what the Supreme Court said to do!

The Department of Labor’s move is a direct challenge to the autonomy and legal power strictly granted to the states by our Constitution and by the parts of DOMA that are still in law. Even worse, it ignores the will of the voters in a super majority of states who consistently cast their ballots to uphold the definition of marriage as a union between “one man and one woman” - a fact that is easily defendable by simply observing the natural order in our world.

I believe strongly that the Department of Labor will soon force same-sex marriage benefits on private employers who provide benefits under ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act).

Mark my word, our president is on a power-trip, and has no second thoughts about manipulating Supreme Court decisions, our laws, even ignoring states’ rights as guaranteed by the Constitution - to force the nation to change into his vision.

Let’s not be a na├»ve enough to think that the traditional family will be the only casualty of this. If Obama and the federal government and his Department of Labor or the DOJ are permitted to somehow normalize same-sex marriage, you can certainly bet that religious freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment will be nullified. Christians and Christian business owners will be forced to choose between living in accordance with the pinnacle truth – between living by their Constitutionally Protected beliefs – and violating their own conscious and breaking the law of the United States.

There have been hundreds of examples of this truth happening already across our nation, but here’s just three:

Senior Master Sgt. Philip Monk didn’t agree with his lesbian commander’s view affirming same-sex marriage. For this “crime,” his distinguished, 19 year career in the U.S. Air Force is now in jeopardy. Monk told Fox news, “Christians now have to go into the closet. We are being robbed of our dignity and respect and our constitutionally protected rights. We are not allowed to be who we are.”

Elaine Huguenin, a New Mexico photographer politely declined to photograph a “commitment” ceremony between two lesbians. Why? Because her Christian and religious beliefs conflicted with the message communicated by the ceremony. As a result, Elaine was fined almost $7,000 by the New Mexico human rights commission. The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that being forced to compromise her Christian faith was “the price of citizenship.” (Really – now that’s tyranny!)

Recently, considering the case of Christian sportscaster Craig James - he was fired by Fox Sports, not for anything he said on the air, but for saying that “marriage is a union between a man and a woman” during a campaign for U.S. Senate several months prior.

If this is not a violation of both free speech and the rights of individual beliefs of consciousness - than I don’t know what is.

We need to wake up and recognize that tyranny is already here!

The very same people who want to use the force of law to silence Christians, are the very same people who are doing everything they can to stop any healthy discussion regarding the medical, scientific, and cultural debate for preserving the definition of marriage as one man and one woman. They want to confuse the issue by claiming that same-sex marriage is a “civil right”. They compare this issue - to the civil rights issues that faced black Americans from the Civil War and up until the late 1960s.

To compare the “choice” of the homosexual lifestyle to that of someone being born black or any other color - is both an intellectually bankrupt argument - and a total insult to those people in our communities who fought so hard for their civil rights.

Newsflash - study after study, scientific research after scientific research coming from the CDC, independent medical groups and universities around the world - it has now been clearly shown that there is no “gay gene”. The truth and the situation is that the jury is still out as to what are causes or drivers as to why people choose the homosexual lifestyle. There are certainly studies about hormonal imbalances in both men and women; as well as various birth defects that have some credence to them. That being said, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that indicates that a person is “born gay”. To state that someone is born that way is an intellectually dishonest statement and it does not align with reality - the very reality that has been revealed through scientific research thus far; and the reality of the natural order of man that has been in evidence since the dawn of human history.

Beyond that, we do have hundreds of studies now available (and any of you can find them documented online) - that are from reliable scientific sources such as the CDC, independent funded studies and those of universities. Overwhelming evidence suggests that embracing the homosexual lifestyle and validating it leads to terrible outcomes both for individuals, their families and society as a whole.

From the tidal wave of media coverage we see in TV news programs and read in the papers, you would think that homosexuals, lesbians, and the transgendered were in the majority. The truth is they are not. In fact, a recent Gallup poll estimates that homosexuals, lesbians, and the transgendered only make up 3.4% of the US population. The other research that has been done as previously noted, has the highest possible estimate at 9% of the population.

No one with any set of decent morals, religious beliefs or a person of integrity is calling for homosexuals or the transgendered to be violated or harmed. They certainly have every right to choose to live the lifestyle they do. Our nation and our states have laws on the books that are there to protect them from being discriminated against in employment, consumer transactions, and financial institutions - etc. Those laws are good and they do the moral right thing and protect all people; not just homosexuals - from being violated or harmed via immoral practices by employers, individuals or organizations. In short, those within the homosexual community have the same rights and protections as the rest of us do.

Protecting individuals from harm and discrimination is a very different subject than the idea of creating federal law or using the force of government power to “validate” a lifestyle that has been demonstrably proven through research, science and studies to be harmful to individuals and society as a whole.

But - those who disagree with us cannot win the argument on its merits - so they will use the force of law and regulatory action to silence us.

That is tyranny!

As Augustine said, we love the truth when it enlightens us, but we hate it when it convicts us.

Links, Sources & Resources – I have provided extensively – because detractors will propagate lies and misinformation.

Health Facts of Homosexual Activity

Even if we ignore the cultural issue of procreation or any arguments based on religious grounds, the evidence shows that homosexual unions are medically inferior to man-woman unions.

Homosexual behavior:
  • Results in numerous health problems to those who practice it, including increases in AIDS, other STDs, colon and rectal cancer, and hepatitis. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 82 percent of all known sexually-transmitted AIDS cases in 2006 were the result of male-to-male sexual contact. Moreover, gay and bisexual men account for more than 60 percent of all syphilis cases.
  • Shortens the life span of homosexuals, probably by eight to twenty years (see data on homosexual life span studies, some of which are controversial). Smoking, on average, reduces life span by seven years. Since we discourage smoking, why are we thinking of endorsing homosexuality?
The actual AIDS figure is probably higher than 82 percent because nearly all of the supposedly heterosexually-transmitted cases have a “risk factor not specified.” Since homosexual contact is one of the most efficient ways of transmitting the disease, many of those not specified cases probably originated with homosexual contact.

(See Center for Disease Control, Cases of HIV infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2006 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, Volume 17, April 2008. See Table 17: Reported AIDS cases, by age category, transmission category, and sex, 2006 and cumulative—United States and dependent areas). Available online at:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, gay and bisexual men account for the vast majority of syphilis cases (more than 60 percent in 2005). See also William Dunham, “Syphilis rise in U.S. gay, bisexual men causes worry,” Reuters, May 4, 2007.

John R. Diggs, Jr. M.D, “The Health Risks of Gay Sex,” Corporate Resource Council, 2002. Available on-line at

R.S. Hogg, S.A. Strathdee, K.J. Craib, M.V. O’Shaughnessy, J.S. Montaner, and M.T. Schechter “Modeling the impact of HIV disease on mortality in gay and bisexual men,” International Journal of Epidemiology, Vol 26, 657-661.

Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1996).

For a recent study on HIV soaring among men having sex with teenage boys, see

More controversial studies have been conducted by Dr. Paul Cameron

Some researchers and many homosexual activists question the methodology of Dr. Cameron’s life span studies which found that the median age of death for male homosexuals is in the forties and lesbians in the fifties. A summary and discussion of Cameron’s research can be found in “Only the gay die young”? An exchange between Warren Throckmorton, Morten.

Additionally – Homosexual behavior:

  • Spreads disease to innocent people who never engage in homosexual sex. A prominent example is Ryan White, the teenage boy who died of AIDS after a blood transfusion. There are thousands of Ryan Whites—according to the CDC, there are nearly ten thousand known cases of innocent people in the United States who have contracted AIDS the same way, including 160 in 2005 and 131 in 2006 (this despite improvements in blood screening). Moreover, there are thousands of innocent heterosexuals (many are spouses) who have contracted STDs via sexual contact with bisexuals.

Center for Disease Control, Cases of HIV infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2005 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, Volume 17, Revised Edition, June 2007. See Table 17: Reported AIDS cases, by age category, transmission category, and sex, 2005 and cumulative— United States and dependent areas.

for 2006 number.

Homosexual behavior costs Americans millions in higher health insurance premiums because increased health costs from homosexual behavior are reflected in those premiums. In fact, the homosexual lobby has induced some states to prevent insurers from asking potential consumers any medical questions, including if they are HIV positive! As a result, every consumer is paying a higher premium because insurance companies are prevented from identifying clients who engage in high-risk sexual behavior.

The bottom line is that homosexual behavior is unhealthy. All sexual behaviors are not equally beneficial, and some of them can have negative consequences; both private and public consequences. Innocent people can and do get hurt. Due to the devastating health effects of male homosexuality, most of the research into gay health issues has been concentrated on homosexual men. However, the research that has been conducted with respect to lesbians does not yield good news. Lesbians experience many more health problems than heterosexual women.

Even the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association admits the following about lesbian women:

Lesbians have the richest concentration of risk in the following area:

  • Factors for breast cancer than any subset of women in the world.
  • They have higher risks for cervical cancers.
  • They are more likely to be obese.
  • They use more tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs.
A study of over 1,400 lesbians found the following:
  • Lesbians experience higher rates of bacterial vaginosis and hepatitis C.
  • They have more than twice the number of male partners than heterosexual women (only 7 percent who identify themselves as lesbians never have sex with men).
  • They are 4.5 times more likely to have fifty or more male sexual partners in a lifetime.
  • They are three to four times more likely to have sex with men who are at high risk for HIV— homosexuals, bisexuals, and IV drug users.
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, “Ten Things Lesbians Should Discuss With Their Health Care Provider,”

They are six times more likely to abuse drugs intravenously. Other studies also confirm lesbian health problems.

Many homosexual activists get angry when you cite these health facts. But why would anyone get angry over facts?

All quotes and statistics above – otherwise not referenced can be found in:

For a summary of lesbian health problems, see John R. Diggs, Jr. M.D, “The Health Risks of Gay Sex,” Corporate Resource Council, 2002, pgs. 5-6.

David Dunlap, “In Age of AIDS, Love and Hope Can Lead to Risk,” New York Times, July 27, 1996.

Mike Stobbe, “CDC understated number of new HIV infections in US,” Reuters, August 2,2008.

Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1996), the data from which Dr. Satinover draws these figures is the Sex in America survey published by researchers from the University of Chicago in 1994.

Quoted in Warren Throckmorton, Ph.D., “Chris Matthews’ Hard Sell: Pay attention to the common Assumptions about Gay Marriage,” online at