Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taxmageddon is Coming!

Not sure what state you live in – but a major tax increase is coming your way January 1st. President Obama is using the tax increase as a political football. He is holding a political gun to the head of tax payers by using the looming tax increase that’s coming to EVERYONE - in order to manipulate Congress into approving a tax increase on the wealthy.

He is gambling with our fiscal future because he is a sold out believer in Keynesian Economics, socialistic and progressive tax policies. He actually believes that he can save our economy by taxing the rich more than they already pay – and he is playing Political Chicken with Republicans – daring them to refuse his demand. All of this ignores the documented records and facts that prove without a shadow of a doubt that tax increases have never improved an economy anywhere – ever! (Like I said – Kool-Aid drinking sold out socialist believer).

You must read this and follow the link to understand what is getting ready to happen.

When Obama says he will not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250k a year – that’s parliamentary spin and pure bunk!

Obamacare alone is packed full of tax increases on everything from prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, toothbrushes (now classified as a taxable medical device under Obamacare) – to feminine hygiene products. All of these taxes hit the Middle Class and the poor! Period!

In the shove to get Obamacare made into law – the President told all of us that the mandate to buy insurance “It is not a tax”. He then instructed his solicitor general and legal team to argue before the Supreme Court that they cannot strike down the law because ‘It is a tax’! This man is a hypocrite / spin-meister of the highest order. Within in 48 hours of getting his way in the Supreme Court – getting the bench to declare that it is a tax; as was the administration’s argument in the case – he then instructed his press secretary to tell the American Public that “We disagree with the court, it is not a tax”.

He really thinks we are all stupid sheep!

On January 1st, 2013, there will be a $494 billion tax increase on you! This is the highest single-year tax hike in U.S. history. We call it Taxmageddon!

Taxmageddon is coming from a variety of income tax rates increases, a higher death tax, new taxes from Obamacare, and many more. These tax hikes will primarily hit the middle class, with the dreaded Alternative Minimum Tax being the worst offender. Follow the linked map to see the details and grasp just how bad it is.

The map below will take you to a webpage with a tax-map of the United States. You can then click into individual states; and additional links to drill down into greater details.

You will see:
  • The average income per tax return in your state
  • The average tax increase per tax payer/return in your state
  • The total dollars that tax payers in your state will pay under these tax increases

You will be able to see the damage - THEN click a link to email your Representative in Congress & Take Action!

In my case – the annual tax increase will be between $5,000 & $6,000. You know what? I am not rich – I am lower middle class!

Help get this buffoon out of the White House this November 6th!

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