Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Obama Administration Chooses Planned Parenthood Over Women's Health

Pick an issue – stimulus, auto bailouts, bank bailouts, healthcare reform, taxes, regulations – in nearly every situation Obama delivers speeches about what he will do; or intends to do – and then his actions end up being something entirely different.

The Obama Administration defended funding for Planned Parenthood under the banner of being sure there is – “Access to Comprehensive and Affordable Women’s Healthcare Services”. Here is another indisputable example of President Obama using his oval office power to manipulate and override the will of the people in sovereign states and in the processes worked against his own publicly stated goals and commitments.

Last summer – the Indiana State Legislature voted to prohibit all healthcare contracts with entities that provide abortion services – they did not want tax payer dollars going to abortion services. The Obama administration threatened to pull $4.3 billion in Medicaid funding.

A few months later – the state of New Hampshire decided in favor of allocated state funds to clinics that offered a full range of women’s health services, because the Planned Parenthood facilities in New Hampshire did not offer all the necessary services of women’s health issues.  Obama responded by taking $1 million dollars that was allocated for the state and sending it directly to Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire. I thought the point was to help provide ‘access’ to women’s health services for those who could not afford such access on their own. So much for that!

This past March the Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued a rule excluding abortion providers from participation in the Texas Women’s Health Program (Texas WHP). WHY? Because they wanted to prioritize funding to organizations that would provide quality, comprehensive healthcare to low-income women and their families. The Planned Parenthood organization was not providing comprehensive services to the low income women of Texas. The Obama administration stepped in and pulled all federal funding for the Texas WHP. Notably, Planned Parenthood stood to lose nearly $47 million under Texas’ re-prioritization of funding.

So… it is important that we watch what Obama does; rather simply what Obama says. However, keeping the coffers of the abortion mega-provider flush with taxpayer cash was more important to the Obama administration than health care for poor women and their families.

The Obama administration denied funding for basic health care to women in need in an attempt to force Texas taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

So much for caring about women’s health.  Check out the link for even more examples including Tennessee, North Carolina, New Jersey – each and every case Obama has ignored the will of the people and legislatures of sovereign states.

He may have been democratically elected – but he behaves like a cross between a King and Dictator.

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