Thursday, July 10, 2014

Look Up!

I know that many of you see my posts on social media regularly. What you may not know is that I purposefully shut it off at various times each week.

I recently took a 9 day family vacation where I not only disconnected from work & community service; but only posted 6 posts in 9 days – all of which were personal in nature. I devoted my time to those who'm I love the most; my wife and children. In that 9 days, I shared breakfasts, lunches and dinners at the table with my dear wife and family and gave them 100% of my attention because they are such a blessing to me. Nine days of fun in the sun – historical sites, water parks, roller coasters or the beach during the day. In the evenings, we sat in the living room of our vacation condo, watched movies, ate popcorn and ice cream and just loved being together.

Here is one of my all-time favorite creative videos of why we must take the time to look up from our phone & computer screens and just focus on those who we care for the most. Though I have seen it many times; it never ceases to have a profound impact on me.

I pray it blesses you!

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