Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Voter ID Laws - I hate to say I told you so…

When the North Carolina General Assembly and our Governor signed Voter Integrity Reforms into law this past General Assembly session – the onslaught of attacks by those on the left was a tsunami of propaganda. Lies were said that Republicans wanted to “Suppress the vote” by blocking access for citizens to vote. We were called racists, fascists – you name it. It didn’t matter that the new law provided a process by which lower income citizens could request to receive a state issued Identification at no cost; and also designated a handful of other government issued ID’s that a voter could bring to their polling place when they voted. We were accused over and over of trying to “Suppress the Vote” of the poor or minority communities.

Over and over opponents of the new law claimed that Voter Fraud was not a big deal either in North Carolina or elsewhere around the country.

None of those claims, any of the name calling, or any of the misinformation that was circulated addressed the basic and fundamental questions:

Does it make sense for the integrity and honesty of our elections to be protected?
Can we create a system and process that ensures that no citizen’s vote is suppressed while at the same time ensuring that voter fraud is diminished or even eliminated?
Do we owe it to our citizens to be sure that no one can use fraudulent means to cancel out the legitimate votes of law abiding citizens?

Well… it appears the answer to those questions are a resounding ‘Yes’!

As part of the new reform, was a directive for the North Carolina Board of Elections to conduct an investigation of all registered voters in the state – cross referencing their voter information with the registered voter data of other states across the country.

Well - guess what they found?

765 voters with an exact match for first name, last name, date of birth AND the last four digits of their social security number were registered in North Carolina and a second state - and voted in both states in 2012.

35,750 voters with the exact first AND last name and date of birth were registered in North Carolina and a second state - and voted in both states in the 2012 election.

13,416 deceased voters were on the voter rolls in October 2013.

81 of these deceased voters were found to have voted after they died!

Therefor we now have over 35,000 confirmed cases of actual voter fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election – in the state of North Carolina alone.

So the new law ensures that everyone can receive an ID regardless of its cost or voters’ income level, and therefor suppresses no votes. The law also ensures that only those who are legally allowed to vote - will be voting; and those ineligible to vote will not be able to - thereby ensuring our election results legitimately reflect the will of the people.

Go figure!

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