Monday, September 2, 2013

Iowa Democrats Pray & Give Thanks to God for Abortion Rights

I want you to imagine for one minute; a pastor or member of the clergy; an elected official or citizen:

Praying and giving thanks to God for King George, his redcoats or for allowing us to live under religious tyranny – or…

Praying and giving thanks to God for slavery in America as the nation headed toward a civil war. Imagine giving thanks to God for providing us slaves so that we can produce goods or services at a competitive price; allowing our families and nation prosperity through slave labor; or giving Americans “the choice” of whether or not to own slaves.

Imagine praying and giving thanks for segregation; for the fact that we have separate water fountains, bathrooms and areas on a public bus so that we would not have to share any space or activity with people of color. – Or… Giving thanks to God for the KKK and Senator Robert Byrd for standing up for our rights to deny black people equal access and equal protection under the law.

Now… with that in mind – you are more likely to understand why I literally felt like vomiting as I watched this atrocity of a prayer.

This woman is praying and giving thanks to God for abortion; for abortion doctors and for safe access to abortion.


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