Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I've Heard a lot About This Man!

Feeling just a little punchy tonight.

I've read a lot about this man. The Secret Service didn't disarm soldiers in Iraq when he visited; because he wanted to send a message of total trust in our military. However, the SS did disarm soldiers when Clinton visited in Bosnia. Bush believes in and TRUSTS our military. Many world leaders called him a cowboy, unpredictable, and I love that because he was PREDICTABLE in AMERICA's favor.

He hosts Wounded Warrior events on his personal ranch - and unlike the current first lady - I've never seen his wife give a nasty look or roll her eyes when sitting next to the spouse of her husband’s political opposition.

Boy do I miss this guy. And boy was it funny when an NBC host interviewed the Dalai Lama and he stated he admired and liked Bush. The fake newsman was shocked! God forbid!

I'm surrounded by people that go on about how stupid George was and sounded when he spoke. I watched many of his press conferences and by press conference I mean - that period of time where he actually takes questions and gives them thought before speaking; then provides answers that do not evade the question asked in the first place - unlike our current POTUS. Wow – what a concept! I didn't see the reflective TelePrompTer plates anywhere at Bush press conferences.

People hate this man and I still don't get it. I admire him and I'm not ashamed to say it. I never felt like our pants were down internationally; or that our freedoms were being trampled – or that any particular constituency was under verbal attack by this man – unlike the buffoon currently in our White House does. What buffoon you may ask? You know that buffoon who likes to foment class warfare; who calls people his “enemies” if you disagree with him or simply do not see the world in the same way he does.

God forbid we not realize how he – Mr. POTUS is so much smarter and more caring the rest of us. After all; when he was elected to his first term – he claimed - “this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick… jobs to the jobless… this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal!” – bla, bla, bla

These are the words of a man who thinks way too highly of himself.

Bush – he did not take $50 to $100 million dollar tax-payer funded vacations - because he knew how badly it would reflect on our nation and on the office of the Presidency. His staff said they he would not even leave for Thanksgiving or Christmas with his family; until he knew that all staffers were out of the office to see their own families. If there was work to be done; he would stay until it was finished – not leaving staffers in the office while he enjoyed a holiday. He led by example.

This man; when he spoke publicly – prepared speech or not – came across as talking with you – not talking down to you in the way that our current POTUS treats us. He trusted the American People – he trusted in the idea that communities, local organizations and teams – know best how to make things better; not central planners in Washington. He behaved and governed in a way that gave you an impression that he DID NOT considered his office or those in Washington as ‘Superior’ to others in intellect or methods – unlike our current POTUS who exudes a narcissist and elitist behavior, tone and policies.

Did I agree with everything that Bush did? Absolutely not! I questioned the Patriot Act; I was astonished when during his last year in office he said “We will have to abandon free-market principles in order to save the free-market” – which precluding tarp and bail-outs.

I read in his memoirs that one of his greatest regrets during his Presidency was not landing his helicopter in the middle of flooded New Orleans in the after-math of hurricane Katrina. He regretted that LA Governor Kathleen Blanco and Mayor Nagin of New Orleans; failed to lead – failed to give the Federal Government permission to send the US Military into New Orleans to assist after the disaster. There was an aircraft carrier; full of medical supplies, water, food and all the necessary staff parked just outside of New Orleans and ready to assist – but current law did not allow him to send in the help without Blanco’s approval. Some onboard that aircraft carrier were friends of mine from Hampton Roads Virginia – and they told me later how frustrated they were that they were not allowed into the city to help. The media then capitalized on lies and misinformation to destroy him in their coverage. I was not happy that he remained silent after that; he should have challenged the know-it-all’s in the media and exposed their political bias.

I am not so na├»ve to expect perfection of any man and therefor any President. That being said; I find it heartbreaking and quite literally nauseating watching our current POTUS – his actions, his destructive policies, his Anti-American stance and his divisive, elitist and sophomoric behavior.

God help us!

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