Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is it ethical or legal for any White House Administration to use political operatives or 'PACS' to execute official federal programs and government business?

‘President Obama's "Organizing for Action"; (a political PAC group), reportedly spent seven figures on TV ads (in California, Florida and Texas) claiming, "Americans are already seeing the benefits" of health-care reform.’ – (

That means the White House Administration is using Political PAC money and staff; a group that is specifically biased; to advertise and ‘promote’ the rolling out of official federal law, programs and legislation.

Also in June, the administration and an allied nonprofit, Enroll America, described how hundreds of thousands of ‘community organizers’ will sign up seven million uninsured people for health coverage, once registration for subsidized insurance starts Oct. 1.

Administration figures and supporters have long said that ObamaCare would become more popular as time went by. It hasn't. A June 2 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found 37% thought the health-care plan was a good idea while 49% thought it a bad idea. On May 10, 2010, about two months after ObamaCare passed, it was 38% good idea, 44% bad.

Meanwhile, the temporary reprieve from the employer mandate will not stop many businesses from preparing their people for when the company stops providing insurance. They'll also continue limiting more part-time employees to fewer than 30 hours a week, in order to avoid being snared by this provision in the law. I have personal friends and family members who are either part-time or full-time who have seen their hours cut to below 30. Their employers have no intention of changing this policy because the problems associated with compliance to the ACA law is not fixed, but only postponed. This delay does not fix the problem; it just delays the bad effects it will ultimately bring about; at least until after the 2014 elections - how convenient!

I have a good friend in New York who works as a ‘sole proprietor’. His company is a consulting firm with only one employee – himself. He just received a letter last week from his private insurance company that ObamaCare is requiring that they cancel his medical insurance policy as of December 31 this year. He is being forced into the ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange; which is fully expected to provide less coverage and will cost him more money. So much for President Obama’s promise “if you like the insurance and doctor you currently have; you can keep them”.

Political problems still loom. Though ObamaCare provides generous subsidies to the uninsured, they still have to pay something each month. How many uninsured believe their insurance will be free? An analysis published earlier this year in Contingencies, the American Academy of Actuaries magazine, concluded that Americans earning as little as $25,000 can expect to pay higher premiums under ObamaCare—even with the law's subsidies. Also, many of those lower income earners are already seeing their incomes cut due to the fact that their employers are slashing their hours in order to ‘afford’ the government mandate (as stated above). With less income and higher costs for medical insurance and coverage – ObamaCare will certainly be terrible for the very people it proposes to help.

The administration cannot spin its way out of these problems; whether they believe it or not.

Nevertheless the White House ads are less important than the quality of the product they tout—and ObamaCare is a lemon.

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