Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ben Carson is not only a genius – he is a class act

Touré: Ben Carson Is The GOP’s ‘Black Friend,’ Enjoying GOP’s ‘Affirmative Action’ And ‘Assuaging Their Guilt’

MSNBC host Touré criticized the speed with which the Republican Party’s opinion leaders have embraced Dr. Ben Carson on Friday, saying that the pediatric neurosurgeon is the equivalent of the GOP’s “black friend.” Touré said that Republicans are displaying a form of cynicism in their acceptance of Carson as a means of assuaging their guilt over their pas “abusive” relationship with minorities.

“Just so we’re clear, I’m not really into being the ‘black friend,’” Touré began. “If I get that sense that you like me just because I’m black and you’re, sort of, exocitcizing that, then your emails stop getting returned.”

Tourés monolog rant is so incredibly packed full of straw man arguments, lies and misinformation about Republicans – it blows my mind that any network (much less MSNBC) would give this guy airtime. His mouthfuls of arrogance and lies are hard to stomach.

Dr. Carson took the time to address this attack on Fox News. Note his simple, moral and commonsense response – WITHOUT returning ugly attack for ugly attack.

Ben Carson’s response -What a class act!

Dr. Carson says “my mother was never going to accept excuses from my brother and me…so we learned very early in life; how to solve problems; and not to go around whining and complaining. … I had to go out and find solutions… That is what we need to do as a nation – we need to develop once again that can do attitude; as opposed to that what can you do for me attitude. That is destroying the ideal of America… I particularly feel for those who are the down-trodden in our society – because the “Intellectually Elite” who basically sit there and try to keep them in that position so they can remain the intellectually elite…  I want people to wake up please; and don’t let them pull this sham on you and act like they are your friends..”

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