Friday, February 1, 2013

Obama shuts down jobs council despite persistently high unemployment rate

I said in early 2011 that the Jobs Council was a stunt to give the nation the ‘Impression’ that President Obama was serious about job creation. I predicted then that it would come to nothing. I was able to predict through a simple approach – I do not only listen to what the President says; but more importantly I watch what our President does. Actions are much more indicative than words of what our leaders are up to and where we are heading.

Again – I must have been clairvoyant! (Sarcasm intended).

Three Glaring & Indisputable Facts

  1. The unemployment rate at 7.8% is exactly where it was the day Obama took office.
  2. If you count all of the able bodied adults in this nation who simply quit looking for work because the jobs are just not there and those who fell off of unemployment benefits without finding work – the real unemployment number – as of January 25, 2013 is 14.7%
  3. While the Whitehouse Press team says the Jobs Council “was always intended” to only last two years; pray tell me then – why has the council not met in over a year – AND – why did the President refuse to implement most of what the council members recommended?

Thanks for falling asleep at the wheel President O-Bummer!


Obama started the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in January 2011 when the unemployment rate hit 9 percent. But now that the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.9 percent, Obama apparently thinks that’s good enough. Twelve million people out of work isn’t that many, right?

To understand the abysmal nature of our economic recovery, look no further than the president’s disinterest in learning lessons from actual job creators. The council launched nationwide “listening and action” meetings that brought together local elected officials, businessmen and scholars. Obama did not make an appearance at any of these events. Whether ignoring the group or rejecting its recommendations, the president treated his Jobs Council as more of a nuisance than a vehicle to spur job creation.

The actions – or more specifically – the inactions of our President – demonstrably prove he is not interested in putting more people to work. The status quo is perfectly fine for him.

For whatever it’s worth, Obama still insists, “This has not been a show council. This has been a work council.” – All words with no substance.

Unfortunately the millions of Americans looking for work, or who have given up looking altogether, can’t take that to the bank Mr. President!

Welcome to the new normal!

If you are hearing anger in this post – then you are reading it correctly. My anger is justified, reasonable and righteous. I have spent at least three nights per month for the last four years, working with and helping the unemployed by facilitating workshops regarding job search and navigating unemployment. I can tell you from being in the trenches – it isn’t pretty out there.

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