Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Politicians & Anti-Gun Journalists Refuse to Post Lawn Sign saying HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE!

I worked for the Los Angeles Times Newspaper for a decade. I later worked for a media group of Cox Enterprises for four years – The Atlanta Constitution Journal is their mother-ship. I am voracious reader of dozens of varied publications – including the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times – I could go on and on.

If I had a dollar for every article I have read over the years that left me thinking –‘there is no way this journalist actually believes the crap they write’ – I would be a millionaire. I have often wondered if some these oh so smart journalist would be willing to stand behind what they say they believe.

Well – here is proof on video! This is absolutely brilliant!

Project Veritas – well known for the ground breaking investigative video journalism of James E. O'Keefe III (a conservative American activist who has produced audio and video recordings of staged encounters with public figures and workers in a variety of organizations such as ACORN) – has produced the following video.

Staff and volunteers of Project Veritas knocked on the doors of several staff journalists of The Journal News of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam New York. These are the journalists that posted the infamous map showing the names and addresses of every legal and registered gun owner in Westchester area. The article titled ‘The Gun Owner Next Door – What You Don’t Know About the Weapons in Your Neighborhood’ – included a Google type interactive map that pinpointed the name and address of every legally registered gun owner in Westchester County. (as of the drafting of this blog post; both the article and the interactive map are still online). The obvious intent was to embarrass gun owners even though they are following the laws in Westchester County and have their weapons registered with the public records. The obvious wrong-headed view of these anti-gun folks is that guns are inherently bad. This of course ignores the simple fact that guns are an inanimate object in capable of good or evil. They are only as good or evil as the person who holds them in their hand.

In the video PV journalists are posing as community activists who have formed a new (and faked) organization called Citizen’s Against Senseless Violence. They are knocking on the doors of many of the known liberal journalists, staff editors and elected officials in the New York and DC areas who have published articles and advocated for stricter gun control. Most of these journalists and leaders have boldly stated in some of their articles that citizens need to take a stand for peace and civility. The journalists seriously considered it a good idea to tag and label every legal gun owner on a map. So the folks at Project Veritas thought by following the same logic – that it makes sense that the Anti-Gun journalist should have no problem standing up for their beliefs by posting a sign in their yard that states Citizen’s Against Senseless Violence – There Are No Guns in This House. 

I have said it many times – I don’t think these folks would actually stand up for the junk they write.
Check out this video and see just how many of the most vocal Anti-Gun folks have the courage to stand behind their own beliefs.

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