Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lies of Omission and Lies of Misrepresentation

Andrea Mitchell speaks with Barbara Comstock, Senior Advisor to the Romney Campaign about Romney’s point of view on the Lilly Ledbetter Act.


1)      Lie of Omission
Barack Obama attacks Romney for not supporting the Lilly Ledbetter Act – of course this implies that Romney is unwilling to prevent women from earning equal pay. Or, that Romney is somehow ‘sexist are chauvinist’.

HERE IS THE TRUTH – Romney actually supports equal pay for women. However, he opposed the Lilly Ledbetter Act because it:

  • Removes a statute of limitation and allows a woman or women to file a class action law suit against an employer many years; and at any time after the fact.
  • This is something Romney thought would be unfair as it would allow lawsuits to be filed against corporations that would be very hard to defend because the date of the accused offense is so far removed from time of the lawsuit.
  • It could have a result of unintended consequences – in that some companies may actually hesitate to hire a woman if they know that a female employee could leave that job and many years’ later show up and file a lawsuit with no time limitations.
But Barack Obama gets to demonize Romney and imply that he is some type illegally discriminating chauvinist who thinks women belong in the Kitchen.

So in the debate Romney had a couple of tactics he could use to respond to this lie.
  • He could explain why he did not agree with the Lilly Ledbetter Act
  • He could share his actual record of hiring, promoting and supporting women professionals in his private sector and government service career.
  • He could attack Barack Obama for being guilty of what Obama was accusing him of. It is now a matter of record that Obama does not pay female staffers as much as his male staffers (go figure).
Romney chose the second option; sharing actual stories of how he went out of his way to support women and equality in places where he was a leader.

2)      Lie of Misrepresentation
In the video link below, Lilly Ledbetter herself expresses her disgust with the story that Romney shared during the debate. Lilly says “When he stated that the woman he did have working; she had to go home at 5:00 because she had to cook dinner… I couldn’t believe that he would make a statement like that.”

But what actually happened in the story that Romney told is something quite different. Romney approached Beth Myers and invited her to join his cabinet when he was elected Governor of Massachusetts. Romney went on to say during the debate Beth Myers requested as a condition of her employment; that she would be getting off at 5:00 so she could get home to cook dinner and help her children with their homework.

Do you see the lie of misrepresentation here? Romney was not telling Beth Myers she needed to go home at 5:00 to cook dinner (as implied by Lilly Ledbetter). No, Beth Myers was requiring that Romney allow her to go home at 5:00 as condition or parameter to her accepting the job.

Is it possible that Lilly Ledbetter has trouble accepting that a professional working woman would want to leave at 5:00 in order to be with her children? Is it hard for Lilly to believe that a professional woman would put her children before her job? I am not sure – but Ms. Ledbetter is certainly guilty of Lie by Misrepresentation!

Irony of Ironies though - Barbara Comstock goes on to state that MSNBC; the network that Andrea Mitchell works for; is actually guilty of paying women less than they pay men! Go figure!

In the video link is the following dialog:

“We know here at MSNBC the guys get paid more,” Comstock interjected.

“We certainly do,” Mitchell replied.
Here is a quote from Professor Jane C. Edmonds – self-described “Politically Liberal Democrat”. She is complimenting Mitt Romney for his leadership.

If Mitt Romney was actually guilty of treating women in the workplace as some type of ‘second class citizen’ do you think women like Jane Edmonds would be praising him? If Romney had a history as a chauvinist, wouldn’t we have reports to that effect by now? I mean – they guy has been running for president for two presidential election cycles.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have uncovered hundreds of indisputable examples of lies from these progressive liberals – and many from Barack Obama himself.

Wake up America!

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