Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can the Mainstream Medial be Trusted with Reporting the Presidential Election?

Here is undeniable proof that the Mainstream Media takes a few individual clips from a larger video file that is a speech – then edits it to make a candidate sound stupid or to change the meaning of what he is actually communicating.

Here is a report from Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC playing the selectively edited portion of Romney’s speech:

With that editing it does look like he’s never even been to a hoagie store. But that’s not it at all. He was making a comparison of the government vs. private sector. He is emphasizing the inefficiencies of the government vs. the efficiency of much of the private sectors.

Now – here is the full speech as captured by a member of the audience at the event.

The MSM Cannot be Trusted!


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  1. Not that I needed proof, but you are right this was totally taken out of context and did not give any flavor at all as to what he was trying to say. It is a sad commentary.